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A Little Q&A

People get really excited when I mention that I am building a tiny house (obviously, it’s going to be awesome). Naturally, a lot of questions follow. Here is some common Q&A:

How did you find the land?

On Redfin. I was casually looking for land in DC not expecting to find anything. I saw this random alley lot for super cheap and decided to contact a realtor about it. Because of the price we assumed it was probably a parking lot or something and that it wouldn’t be buildable, but Kim (realtor) told me that the zoning laws in DC would be changing in the fall and would allow building on alley lots like this one. I did some research, confirmed what she knew, and decided to go for it.

Will the house be on wheels?

No. The Plan (if everything pans out*) is to build on a foundation and connect to utilities. This is so I can claim this as my primary residence. This article explains the legality of tiny houses in DC and why it couldn’t be a primary residence if it was on wheels.

*If it doesn’t, then mobile tiny house it is!

How tiny are you going?

Definitely larger than a typical tiny house. While I want to downsize tremendously, I’m not down with sleeping lofts and want a decent sized kitchen and master bath. I started working with the awesome architects at Kube to help me design something to fit my needs and have already seen some floor plans. It’s exciting stuff! I’ll be posting about that soon.

What will be the hardest thing to get rid of?

Certain things from my families and childhood; toys, furniture, knick-knacks. Pretty typical. Ideally, I’ll incorporate the most sentimental things somehow, but will have to re-home the rest :(.


If you have another question not listed here, I’d love to hear it! Post a comment below or on my Facebook page.

Featured Image: My overgrown lot, aka Jumanji.

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