Mystery Bundles (Apparel)


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Do you love surprises? You’re in luck! We’ve been collecting a secret stash of things for a while and hfinally decided to put it all together into some super fun mystery bundles.

Items in each bundle consist of old artwork, production samples, overrun/extra pieces, discontinued designs, or a fun combo of these things!

What’s included with each bundle:

  • TEE/TANK BUNDLE: Tee or tank + 5 pieces of flair

  • SWEATSHIRT BUNDLE: Sweatshirt + 4 pieces of flair

Other bundles can be found here.

Please note: The items in each bundle category are mostly identical. For example, If you order two tee bundles, they will likely consist of the same items. If you order bundles from multiple categories (for example, a tee bundle and a zip bag bundle) some items may be repeated, but not everything. If you order more than one bundle, we will do our best to select bundles that are as different as possible, but you may end up with duplicates.