Oh, hello!

I’m Shelli, a NOVA based artist and designer. I love yarn, drawing, and especially doing things with both. I spend most days in the studio being a boss and sometimes getting distracted by my derpiest pet-child, Jessie.

Im so glad you visited my site. I love making things for makers like you and I hope you find something you love (if you haven’t already).

Handmade Mission

I love handmade things and try to support makers whenever possible. Most of the items you’ll find in my shop are handmade or have some hand-made component to them.

If it’s not handmade, I make every effort to partner with small businesses to produce these items using ethically-sourced and eco-conscious materials. You can find more info about how and where my products are made on each item page.

Charitable Pins

Part of the profits from a selection of pins, patches, and other products are donated annually to various charitable organizations. You can find more info about these organizations on each item page.


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